18-Hole Course Map


350 yd Par 4, HDCP. 6


Our opening hole is a dogleg left, 350 yard par 4 with a great risk-reward off the tee. Draw the ball left to shorten the hole, or play it safe by hitting to the right to avoid the trees and pot bunkers. Watch out for grass swales to the left of the green on your approach shot and you'll have a great start to your round.


291 yd Par 4, HDCP. 12


The short 291 yard par 4 2nd greets you with a wide fairway and a straight shot to the green. Avoid the bunkers to the right or carry them with a drive of at least 164 yards. Take care to avoid the grass swales and rough on the left and the ravine to the right and you'll have a manageable approach shot to a large, welcoming green.


92 yd Par 3, HDCP. 18


Prevailing winds carry shots left toward the grass bunker. The right side is well-protected by the rough and two bunkers. The center of the green is the best play on this short par 3, but on a still day don't be afraid to attack the pin for a well-earned attempt at birdie.


451 yd Par 5, HDCP. 4


The real challenge at the Dunes begins at our par 5 4th. Laying up can leave a blind second shot with a mid to long iron or hybrid, or play aggressive and carry the bunkered dune. Long drives that carry the dune make the green accessible in two shots. The fairway narrows on second shots played from afar, so use more club to carry the false front on this undulated, elevated green.


301 yd Par 4, HDCP. 14


The pond comes into play off the tee with prevailing trade winds and slope headed left. Favor the right side off the tee. You can play it safe and lay up with a fairway wood, or get aggressive with a driver, letting your ball ride the slope down the fairway for a manageable chip into this water-protected green.


148 yd Par 3, HDCP. 8


If water is your nemesis, don't be afraid to club up on the par 3 6th. Shots that carry the putting surface will stay safely on the hill surrounding this green like an amphitheater. Hit it short, and you could find yourself in the water or the strategically placed pot bunker fronting the green.


299 yd Par 4, HDCP. 16


After navigating the hazards of 4, 5, and 6, The par 4 7th is a welcomed sight with its wide fairway. Avoid the pot bunker to the left, or carry it if you're long off the tee. Hitting to the left opens up the best angle into the green. Place your approach toward the center of the green, and take care to avoid the two bunkers on the right.


147 yd Par 3, HDCP. 10


The Par 3 8th plays longer than it looks. Trees guard the front-right of a deep green that slopes to the left. Avoid the bunkers and play it safe with a high lofting shot in the center of the green.


463 yd Par 5, HDCP. 2


Hit your drive to catch a mini-speed slot past the tree on the left, and lay up 80 yards from the green. Avoid the pot bunkers at left and center and the trees on the right for the best lie. Club up to reach the elevated green in three and a chance for birdie.


407 yd Par 4, Hdcp. 1

HOLE #10

This narrow par 4 carries our Handicap 1 rating. The fairway widens beyond the directional stake and feeds into another speed slot. Favor the right side and play to roll your tee shot down the hill. Use extra club to carry any approach shot played to the back-right portion of the green.


347 YD Par 4, HDCP. 7

HOLE #11

Hit your tee shot to the center of this straight, wide fairway. The green's false front requires all carry. Play just enough club to reach the center of the green. Anything short or long leaves a difficult up-and-down.


381 YD Par 4, HDCP. 11

HOLE #12

This dogleg right offers little gain for cutting the corner. The best approach is from a level lie before the fairway falls off the dune. Hit your approach to the center of the large green for an easy two-putt.


413 YD Par 5, HDCP. 13

HOLE #13

This short par 5 is an excellent opportunity to make up a lost stroke. Laying up short of the bunker takes the pressure off having to play a perfect tee shot, and most shots landing on the front of the deep green will release.


293 YD Par 4, HDCP. 9

HOLE #14

Play to the heart of this straight fairway and avoid the lateral hazard to the left and dunes rough to the right. Use extra club into the shallow green to carry the hidden sand bunkers.


362 YD Par 4, HDCP. 5

HOLE #15

Drives that make it around the tree have the best angle into the green. Take note of the pin placement on this tiered green, and steel yourself for your approach shot over the ravine.


291 YD Par 4, HDCP 17

HOLE #16

Favor the right of the fairway for the best angle into the green. Avoid the bunkers and dunes to the left, and carry your approach to the wide, flat green.


132 YD Par 3, HDCP. 15

HOLE #17

Hit a lofting iron shot favoring the left-center of the deep green, taking care to avoid the three thoughtfully placed bunkers fronting the green.


510 YD Par 5, HDCP. 3

HOLE #18

Our signature hole, the par 5 18th offers an enticing risk-reward approach to the green. Let your driver rip off the tee onto the straight fairway, as the bunkers on the left and the water on the right will be out of reach for most. Play it safe with a second shot past the second bunker, or play aggressive with a bold shot skirting the water to get on in two.

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