The Dunes at Maui Lani Golf Course
… the Best Golf Experience on Maui

rear-shot-clubhouse-XLFrom the course design, to each golfer’s arrival experience, the Dunes keeps pace with the best traditions of the game, and strives to embrace all that is good and just. For visitors and resident golfers alike, the search for a true test of golf, the way the game was meant to be played, ends with us. No other golf course in the Pacific brings home the feeling and the spirit of the game quite like The Dunes at Maui Lani.

Its 18 unique holes take full advantage of Maui’s naturally-sloping island dune terrain and beautiful scenery; which is why creativity, finesse, strategy, and good shot making are all part of the Dunes experience.

In addition to great golf, The Dunes offers the only lit range with grass tees in central Maui; is home to the Café O’Lei at The Dunes Restaurant; and is conveniently located in central Maui.

Many a golf writer has described The Dunes at Maui Lani golf course as a “British Open course on Maui.” The Dunes is indeed inspired by such great venues, with its cleaver hold designs and rugged terrain closely mimicking the “birthplace of golf.” It’s not exactly a true links course because we’re in a different climatic zone, but in many respects, The Dunes is as close to an authentic links as can be built in Hawaii.

What is a true links course?

According to the USGA: “Links is a term that refers to a very specific geographic land form found in Scotland. Such Tracts of low-lying, seaside land are characteristically sandy, tree-less, and undulating, often with lines of dunes or dune ridges and covered by bent grass and gorse. To be a true links, the tract of land must lie near the mouth of a river-that is, in an estuarine environment. From the Middle Ages onward, linkslands (generally speaking, poor land for farming) were common grounds used for sports, including archery, bowls and golf. Because many of the early courses of Scotland were build on these common linksland, golf courses and links have forever been associated. The term ‘links” is commonly misapplied to refer to any golf course. But remember that a true links depends only on geography.”