Golf Instruction

I’ve often been asked over the years, “How old should my child be to take golf lessons?” Of course, the answer to this question varies with the child. As any parent with multiple offspring will tell you – each kid is unique and develops at his/her own rate. And my experience teaching young golfers validates this. I’ve had five year olds in lessons that thrived and six year olds that were still too young to benefit from the experience. So then, how does a parent determine if their child is ready for formal golf instruction? Well….

1. Has he/she expressed interest in golf?
2. Have they reacted positively to any previous instruction?
3. Do they like hitting things and watching them fly?


4. Do you play golf and want a fun playing partner?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then maybe it’s time to talk the idea over with the most important person of all: the prospective young golfer.

Dodd Hessey PGA

Garrett Okamura, PGA
Director of Golf

Dodd Hessey, PGA
Senior Instructor

Henry Yogi, PGA
Golf Professional

Bill Greenleaf
PGA Master Professional

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